History of Blanchard Hall

Built at the turn of the 20th century, Blanchard Hall is a historical time capsule that sits centered on Main Street in charming Blanchardville, WI. Starting out as the town’s local saloon, it eventually made its way as a furniture store when it was purchased by the Saether family in 1942.

Utilizing their love to serve and a keen eye for personalized spaces, the Saethers transformed the space into a high end interior design business. What started a small, local business serving the town, eventually evolved into to a high end regional business throughout the 1980s and 1990s, serving the greater Madison area and beyond.

With the retirement of his parents on the horizon, it came time for son, Paul, to lead Blanchard Hall into its next venture with the new century. While very capable in the interior design business, his true passion was ultimately providing a central community gathering space for others to come together and celebrate life.

In 2016, Paul worked with his family, employees, and local craftsman to restore the building to its former glory and together created the stunning venue that it is today. During the restoration, a focus was placed on using local contractors and finding custom details created by local artisans. Today Blanchard Hall exists to show the Saether family’s appreciation to the area for their support of over 140 years of business.

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Blanchard Hall is located in the heart of downtown Blanchardville. We are near Ryan Hotel Park, and the Pecatonica dam and picnic area. We encourage you to visit the local shops and restaurants while you are in town.

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